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The MoCoPAAN’s mission is to raise the visibility of Asian Americans through lifting up progressive voices and strengthening allyship through strategic communications.  


In doing so, we wish to demonstrate that Asian Americans have a multitude of voices.  We speak out on issues that affect people of diverse backgrounds: representation, equity and inclusion; immigrant rights; and, racial discrimination, bias and profiling, and anti-Black racism.  

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Diverse American - shutterstock_35761234
DACA march Philadelphia 9_5_2017 Joe Pie
Photo by Joe Piette, DACA march, Philadelphia 2017
My Ethnicity is Not a Virus Rep Scott Pe
Racial Bias & Profiling
Photo source: Rep. Scott Peters

Quick Facts: Asian Americans in MoCo

154,243 Asian Americans 
  • Montgomery County residents

  • 14.8% county's total population

  • 50% state's Asian American population 

Ethnic group - MoCo - piechart.png
Source: AARP

Public Opinions On the Issues

  • Highest anxiety about the health impacts of the pandemic. 

  • Critical of federal government's response to the pandemic.

Summarized from Navigator report based on national poll April 2018 – March 2020 

Voting Behavior

  • More left-leaning on the economy

  • Net favorable attitudes toward the Democratic Party

  • 38% identify as independents - the highest percentage of any racial group. 


Summarized from Navigator report based on national poll April 2018 – March 2020 

What We Do

Contract Review
Shape and deliver progressive messages
to the public.

Who We Are

Female Presenter
Asian Americans 
actively involved in the community.  
Join us!
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