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What Is Representation?

(Dovi, Suzanne, "Political Representation", 2018)

Definition: "Representation is the activity of making citizens’ voices, opinions, and perspectives 'present' in public policy making processes."

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How Does Representation Work?

Being present in the room allows individuals to represent their group(s) and interest(s)

Representation allows impacted parties to self advocate and be included in the public policy making process

Representation shapes public policies, services available, resource accessibility and political power

Questions To Consider

Are those present in the room accurately reflecting the relevant group(s), experience(s) and community? 

Is the amount of people present sufficient to ensure an inclusive representation of the community's need(s)?

Representation in Montgomery County

Montgomery County Public Schools


Total Student Population = 

Asian American (14.3%)

Black (21.4%)

Latinx (32.3%)

White (28.3%)

Asian American (8.5%)

Black (13.5%)

Latinx (14.3%)

White (61.3%)

Total New Teachers Hired =


(Montgomery County Public Schools)


Strict adherence to Percentages

To illustrate, MCPS does not have increase the hire rate for Asian American teachers from (8.5%) to (14.3%) to

match the Asian Americans student population.

However, the data reported does raise questions on how a teacher's race impacts a student's perspective on role

models, inclusion, support systems, safe spaces and security. 

Representation Disparities 

PoC teachers represented 50% of the total PoC student population


White teachers represented 200% of the total white student population

Addressing and contextualizing Representation kickstarts the conversation on how to combat inequities within Montgomery County.

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