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My Ethnicity is Not a Virus Rep Scott Pe

Wash The Hate

Since the start of the pandemic, #StopAAPIHate has recorded 

2,600+ Anti-Asian incidents. The hashtag was created in March,

after a California student was sent to the ER after a bullying incident.

Despite the W.H.O.'s warning against stigmatizing disease's 

country of origin, and the F.B.I.'s warning for increased hate against Asian Americans, the Trump administration persisted in calling the COVID-19, the "China Virus" and "Wuhan Virus" as political rhetoric.

Due to the belief that Chinese/Asian Americans are responsible for

COVID-19, Asian Americans are targeted indiscriminately, regardless of ethnicity.

Stand Against Discrimination.png

In Midland, Texas, a family with two young children were attacked while shopping by another customer wielding a knife.

Three family members sustained deep gashes to the head.

The House of Representatives, led by Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY), passed a resolution condemning the Anti-Asian attacks.

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