Strong Inclusive Communities are Hate Resistant

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MoCoPAAN envisions a county, where Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs), their diversity, challenges and needs, are better understood and addressed.

As active stakeholders in advancing equity and social justice, MoCoPAAN will create robust, and inclusive communities within Montgomery County.


MoCoPAAN strives to strengthen diverse communities through strategic actions and messaging.

Quick Facts: Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI)
in Montgomery County's

Montgomery County's

Total AAPI Population




Asian Americans make up 14.8% of Montgomery County's total population

50% of Maryland's total Asian American population reside in Montgomery County

​Asian Americans make up 15% (11,000) of Montgomery County's undocumented population (73,000)

Highest anxiety about the health impacts of the pandemic

Critical of federal government's response to the pandemic

Montgomery County's

Total AAPI Population's Ethnic Origins

More Left-leaning on the economy

Net favorable attitudes toward the Democratic Party

38% are Independents (the highest % of any race)


Currently, no AAPIs are serving on County Council or Board of Education (2  served on the school board in the past)

There are 4 AAPI State representatives that are from Montgomery County