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Committee of 100 Connects with More Than 100 Different Groups, Universities and Organizations to Discuss Chinese American Contributions to America Through Its Landmark Study

New York, NY (June 30, 2021) — In February 2021, Committee of 100 published a landmark study on the historic contributions of Chinese Americans to the fabric of American society. The 140-plus page study “From Foundations to Frontiers: Chinese American Contributions to the Fabric of America,” was commissioned by Committee of 100, produced by The Economist Intelligence Unit, and sponsored in part by Citi Private Bank. The study examines the enduring contribution of Chinese Americans to America’s economic and cultural successes across nearly two centuries.

Committee of 100 is a non-profit leadership organization of Chinese Americans in business, government, academia, healthcare, and the arts. At a time when the Biden Administration has taken executive action against xenophobia, hate and violence directed at the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, “From Foundations to Frontiers” sheds light on the longstanding importance of Chinese Americans to America’s overall cultural and economic successes.

Since launching the landmark study, Committee of 100 has conducted guest lectures via ‘virtual talks’ to more than 100 different groups, organizations and universities with active participation by the attendees. These virtual talks are free to any group, organization, or university that is interested in learning more and discussing about the history, challenges, and contributions of Chinese Americans.

“From Foundations to Frontiers illuminates, through data and storytelling, how Chinese Americans have had a significant impact on American life as we know it today,” said Zheng Yu Huang, President of Committee of 100. “Even more pressing is the work that remains ahead. Along with other communities of color, Chinese Americans continue to face barriers to full inclusion in the form of systemic racism and entrenched stereotypes. America will reach its full potential only when all its citizens can reach their own full potential.”

The full landmark study and any of the seven sector reports can be downloaded for free at In the first quarter since its launch, the website for ‘From Foundations to Frontiers” has received over 22,000 page views with 14,000 unique visits.

Committee of 100 will be conducting virtual talks throughout 2021. If you would like to connect with Committee of 100 and host a free discussion, email

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