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Racial Bias and Profiling

My Ethnicity is Not a Virus Rep Scott Pe
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Wash the Hate

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, over 2,600 anti-Asian incidents have been reported to #StopAAPIHate, 
which was established in mid-March after a school bullying incident in California sent a student to the ER.
Perpetrators target Asian Americans because of the misperception that they are covid-19 carriers.  The virus originated in China.   Further reflecting ignorance, perpetrators target any person(s) perceived to be Chinese regardless of ethnicity.  In Midland, Texas, a family with two young children were attacked while shopping by a customer wielding a knife.  Three members sustained deep gashes to the head.
Despite an FBI's warning of a surge of hate against Asian Americans and WHO guidelines warning against stigmatization of countries where diseases originate, the president and certain other officials persist referring to the covid-19 virus as the China virus or Wuhan virus as political rhetoric.
Led by Rep. Grace Meng (D-CA), the House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning anti-Asian incidents.   
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