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MoCoPAAN’s mission is to raise the visibility of Asian Americans, to collectivize and lift up progressive voices and to offer allyship through strategic communications. 

In doing so, we wish to demonstrate that Asian Americans have a multitude of voices.  

We speak up on issues that affect people of diverse backgrounds: representation, equity and inclusion; immigrant rights; and, racial discrimination and profiling. 


MoCoPAAN believes that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders should be seen and heard, as well

as engaged and supported.​

MoCoPAAN believes in equitable and inclusive policies that provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds.​​

MoCoPAAN believes that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders must actively speak out and fight against racism and discrimination.

MoCoPAAN believes that acknowledging and confronting Anti-Blackness and Systemic Racism must be foregrounded in our collective work.


MoCoPAAN envisions a county where Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, their diversity, challenges and needs, are better understood and addressed.

As active stakeholders in advancing racial equity and social justice, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders,

will foster a robust and inclusive community with increased accessibility and resources.


MoCoPAAN involves active community leaders and members who are invited to the network.

On a case by case basis, they will individually opt to join in any strategic communication with other Asian Americans to demonstrate a public position on a timely and relevant issue pertaining to people of color, immigrant and underrepresented communities.

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